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Brookfield Conservation Park

Brookfield Conservation Park is situated in the Riverland region of South Australia and is managed by Conservation Volunteers on behalf of the South Australian Government. Home to an assortment of flora and fauna species, Conservation Volunteers undertakes a range of volunteer activities in both the park and in the surrounding area, with a focus on research of threatened species, including the Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat and their habitat.
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The W. James Whyte Island Reserve

The Island is a large property of over 200 hectares and was donated to Conservation Volunteers in 2006 by W. James Whyte. It is situated near Bacchus Marsh, approximately 50 kms west of Melbourne. While the property is adjacent to Werribee Gorge State Park, The Island is significantly degraded and our focus is to see it restored to environmental health.
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Little Desert Nature Lodge

The Little Desert Flora & Fauna Foundation was established in 2000. Its aim is to promote an appreciation of the Little Desert, situated in the Wimmera Region of Western Victoria. The Foundation also promotes environmental research into the flora and fauna of the region, including the ongoing research into endangered Malleefowl.  
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The Salvana Conservation Reserve

The Salvana Conservation Reserve is adjacent to the Little Desert National Park and close to the Little Desert Nature Lodge, owned by CVA. Acquiring this land will enable us to create a wildlife corridor linking the West and Central blocks of the Little Desert National Park to create an important biodiversity corridor.
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