Action For Climate Change

Action For Climate Change is a program managed by Conservation Volunteers. It is a range of initiatives to assist business and individuals to reduce their impact on the environment.

Recent times have seen almost unanimous opinion around the world that our climate is changing to an extent that it will continue to have serious ramifications on the health of all species. As a practical organisation Conservation Volunteers has responded to this issue by establishing the Action for Climate Change program.

Action for Climate Change builds upon Conservation Volunteers' experience in delivering projects on the ground since 1982. Action for Climate Change is based upon practical, simple actions in which we can all participate.

Individual Action

Climate change is a massive global
issue and we all need to act. Find
out ways you can reduce your carbon emissons and support our cause.
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Business Action

We work with businesses that take climate change seriously and are working at reducing their own emissions.
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Habitat Forests

Locations where the program will financially support the protection or re-establishment of indigenous plantings.
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