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Conservation Volunteers works with businesses that take climate change seriously and are working at reducing their own emissions.  Together we can develop programs that reach out to the whole community and support Action for Climate Change.

Great examples of Business Action include Northpoint Toyota's Action for Climate Change Program.

Northpoint Toyota’s Action for Climate Change program is a partnership with Conservation Volunteers aimed at encouraging their staff and customers to actively reduce their amount of greenhouse gas emissions together with linking them to a voluntary carbon offset program. Northpoint Toyota provides opportunities to voluntarily offset the emissions that can’t be reduced through the establishment of habitat forests. Northpoint Toyota has also calculated their own carbon footprint and is supporting the Action for Climate Change program by contributing to new plantings at Hindmarsh Island in South Australia.


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Northpoint Toyota has committed to:

  • encouraging staff and clients to volunteer their help to rejuvenate project sites
  • encouraging staff and clients to join Action for Climate Change to do their individual part in helping our environment
  • donating independent funds to Conservation Volunteers each month, irrespective of how many vehicles they sell
  • reducing their carbon footprint by 10%.


If you would like to discuss how your business can support Action for Climate Change, please contact:

Phil Harrison on 0404 828 901 or email 

To read how to reduce your business carbon emissions click here

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