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Baby Tassie devils

Wild Futures is Conservation Volunteers Australia’s wildlife conservation program.  It makes a measurable difference to the future of many of Australia's most treasured and threatened animals.  

You can help our program this month in the following ways with all proceeds going to Wild Futures:


Within the Wild Futures program, Conservation Volunteers Australia have identified twelve particular species that require urgent assistance to ensure they do not succumb to extinction.

The landscape and wildlife are under huge amounts of pressure, dealing with threats from habitat loss and fragmentation, introduced predators, pollution, disease, invasive weeds, climate change and urban development.  In just a short time we have seen many species decline and an ever increasing number fall to extinction.


Through Wild Futures, Conservation Volunteers Australia contributes to wildlife conservation in a simple yet powerful way.  Working with recovery teams and guided by recovery and management plans, we identify the expert-approved conservation actions to which we can provide significant support.  Wild Futures allows supporters to get involved and make a valuable contribution through action and donation.  Volunteers get to roll up their sleeves and make an active difference to urgent species’ survival.  Together, Conservation Volunteers Australia and the Wild Futures supporters can implement these vital actions that will give these animals brighter, wilder futures. 

Within the Wild Futures program, Conservation Volunteers Australia has identified twelve particular species that require urgent assistance to ensure they do not succumb to extinction.

YOU can assist wildlife in urgent need.  Join our Wild Futures program and pledge your financial support or volunteer to help us save these species.  

Every moment counts.  Every action counts.

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You can learn more about the wildlife we're helping, what they need and how to help by selecting an animal from the list below.

Powerful Owl

This amazing predator is rapidly losing good quality habitat and tree hollows that it needs to survive in rural and urban landscapes.         Read More

Eastern Barred Bandicoot

One of our most endangered
species, this marsupial is only surviving through breeding programs and needs your help.
Read More

Red-tailed Black Cockatoo

This iconic bird has lost much of its Buloke and Eucalypt habitat since European settlement.    
Read More

Flatback Sea Turtle

These ancient marine reptiles are
in danger of disappearing from threats such as fishing, pollution
and disturbed nesting sites.    
Read More


This large bird incubates its eggs in
a purpose-built mound but now threat from habitat loss and predators are pushing it closer
to extinction. 
Read More

Tasmanian Devil

With mounting threats from disease, competition and habitat loss, these world-famous carnivores are now facing extinction.   
Read More

Carnaby's Cockatoo

Unlike their iconic cousins, these cockatoos are facing extinction through habitat loss and an
ageing population.
Read More

Red-crowned Toadlet

This tiny frog is only found around Sydney and is in big trouble due to habitat loss!
Read More

Richmond Birdwing Butterfly

Once a common visitor to Brisbane, this gorgeous butterfly is under threat from poisonous invasive weeds and lack of food.   
Read More

Growling Grass Frog

This large growling frog species is now only found in fragmented wetlands and is under threat from disease, climate change and more. Read More

Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat

The safe haven of Brookfield Conservation Park is the last stronghold of these rare
hairy-nosed wombats.    
Read More 

Tree Kangaroo

These agile arboreal kangaroos are losing their rainforest homes and becoming prey to predators and traffic as they try to move
between areas.  
Read More

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