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Once common across Victoria’s volcanic plains and grasslands, the Eastern Barred Bandicoot (Perameles gunnii) is now one of Victoria’s most endangered species and considered extinct in Victoria’s wild.  Intrinsically linked to the bandicoot’s decline is the utilisation and consequent destruction of over 99% of its native grassland habitat in Victoria.  Further pressures such as predation from introduced foxes, cats and dogs and competition with rabbits have also caused devastating decline.  The survival of these shy tussock-dwellers now depends entirely on captive breeding programs and secure, healthy, predator-free habitat. 

Through the Wild Futures program, Conservation Volunteers Australia is working in partnership with Parks Victoria at Woodlands Historic Park and Serendip Sanctuary, Department of Sustainability & Environment Communities for Nature, Mt Rothwell Biodiversity Centre and the Eastern Barred Bandicoot Recovery Team to create secure areas where these bandicoots can flourish in their native grassland habitat.  Important monitoring programs are also taking place at Hamilton in Victoria, one of the last strongholds for the species.


Bandicoot Numbers Are Growing! - February 2015
Bandicoot Bonanza at Woodlands Historic Park - November 2014
Lights, Camera, Bandicoots - August 2014
Eastern Barred Bandicoot Breeding Success - May 2014

In April 2012, the exclusion fence at Woodlands Historic Park was complete and now efforts have turned to eradicating pests, maintaining the fence and restoring habitat within the fence to create a safe haven for Eastern Barred Bandicoots.

We have urgent need of support for a number of practical conservation activities linked to the protection and enhancement of these reserves as habitat for Eastern Barred Bandicoots including:

  • Removal of invasive weed species
  • Planting of native grasses
  • Maintenance and monitoring of exclusion fencing
  • Eastern Barred Bandicoot population monitoring through survey methods including remote camera surveys and manual trapping

Your financial assistance or hands-on help in these endeavours will allow these bandicoots to increase in number in natural habitat, safe from predators and ensure that Eastern Barred Bandicoots will once again have a wild future.

Check out the video about the plight of the Eastern Barred Bandicoot from The 7:30 Report here.

EBB video link

Here are a couple of videos of  Eastern Barred Bandicoots captured by our motion-activated night-vision camera!

Want to Get Involved?


You can help with these important Eastern Barred Bandicoot Recovery efforts!  Be a part of our Woodlands Bandicoot Team and take part in the many practical opportunities offered at Woodlands HIstoric Park to help save the species, including:

Bandicoot Fence Patrol
Be the first line of defence and assist in keeping our precious bandicoots safe in their predator-proof environment.  Each day the fence must be monitored to stop breaches from burrowing native wildlife such as echidnas, as well as predators such as foxes and cats.  Be a part of our Fence Patrol team and help to keep these critically endangered animals safe.

Fencing at Woodlands for EBB
Family & Friends Day – 2nd Saturday of the Month  
Enjoy a Saturday morning out in the Park while making a real difference to a critter in need.  Diverse activities for all levels of ability including fence monitoring, weed removal and more.

Bandicoot Fundraising Team
Are you good at raising money, rallying people to a cause and getting people involved?  join our Bandicoot Fundraising Team and assist in raising valuable funds to keep our Eastern Barred Bandicoots happy and healthy in their new home! Create your own fundraising event, or assist in upcoming events.  Earn fantastic rewards such as exclusive bandicoot experiences and help to raise money for a fantastic and worthy wildlife cause.

Contact our Melbourne office to learn more about these fantastic Eastern Barred Bandicoot program opportunities!  
Call (03) 9326 8250 or email melbourne@conservationvolunteers.com.au for more details and to book your
spot on the team!

You can also enjoy a fantastic 3 day monitoring experience through our Naturewise program, or donate valuable dollars to our Wild Futures program to ensure that Eastern Barred Bandicoots don’t disappear from our landscape forever.

Volunteer on the Eastern Barred Bandicoot Project

Volunteer on one of our field projects, make a practical contribution and help to give the Eastern Barred Bandicoot a Wild Future.
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Donate to help the Eastern Barred Bandicoot

Can't volunteer? That's ok - you can donate to help give the Eastern Barred Bandicoot a Wild Future! Donate Here >>

Main image courtesy of Ruth Woodrow; Inset images courtesy of Zoos Victoria, Richard Hill & CVA 

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